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YHCX5160 Vertikale kopie-draai- en freesmasjien

YHCX5160 Vertikale kopie-draai- en freesmasjien

YHCX5-160 is a machine combine of two work stations which is introduced through advanced foreign technology , optimal design ,and carefully manufactured. It is customized for copy-turning inner and outer ellipses and milling the gap of the piston rings all in one machine.

Tegniese karakters

Tegniese karakters:
● PLC control, main motor for the turning and milling stations adopts frequency converter for speed regulation, which showed through screen.
● Adopt optical grating ruler indicating for horizontal, longitudinal feed  and micro feeding of turning station.
● The upward and downward feeding of turning and milling station are controlled by hydraulic system with stepless speed regulating.
● 90°stop-positioning is precisely controlled by hydraulic system and servo motor together.

The inner and outer ellipse of the piston ring can be machined.





Processing dia. range


Height of stacked parts

150 (125) mm

Rotate speed of turning spindle

5-350 rpm

(stepless regulating)

Power of main converter motor


Radial thickness deviation of single parts


Radial thickness deviation of whole stacked rings

on same position


Taper of peripheral surface for whole stacked rings


Linearity of gaps for whole stacked rings


Gap clearance deviation for whole stacked rings


Algehele afmetings (L×B×H)

1950 × × 1110 2450mm