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Uitnodiging van CWMTE2023-uitstalling van YUHUAN CNC-masjien

Tyd: 2023-05-11 Treffers: 20

The scale of the 23rd Lijia Exhibition has reached a new high, with an exhibition area of 10W square meters and 1200+ exhibitors. Procurement of digital solutions in various industries such as gears, 3C electronics, instruments, and mechanical parts processing. Welcome to visit and exchange.


Yuhuan CNC machine tools will bring new technologies and new product production lines to the exhibition. The new energy auto parts dubbelskyf slypmasjien production line will better meet the accuracy requirements of new energy high-precision parts, and will save time and labor costs for enterprises.

[CWMTE from service enhancement to experience upgrade ]

Driven by user needs, hold the "Red May Lijia Purchasing Festival". Fully meet the procurement needs of digital and intelligent solutions in various fields such as new energy vehicles, medical equipment, aerospace, rail transit, shipbuilding and military industry, elevator equipment, auto parts, gears, 3C electronics, instrumentation, and mechanical parts processing. At the same time, combined with the online exhibition function, it provides a platform for the release of equipment procurement needs that suppliers can quickly respond to. In addition, Jiajihui closely links the resources of scientific research institutions, experts, and equipment manufacturing enterprises to solve the needs of technology/production management/equipment maintenance/production line integration/non-standard/automation equipment process development and customization. Pay more attention to the design of interactive experience, Lijia Sheet Metal Craft Festival, the third Sichuan-Chongqing Die-casting Festival, the third Sichuan-Chongqing Heat Treatment Exchange Festival and other activities have been upgraded in multiple directions. Actively strengthen craftsmen's new responsibilities and new deeds, encourage colleagues to show their self-worth, and hold "Master Style - The Seventh Lijia Cup - Craftsman Selection Activities" and so on. 

[CWMTE from a gathering of elites to insightful views ]

Museum Day activities with the themes of automobile manufacturing, national defense and military manufacturing, and digital manufacturing. Focusing on the hot spots of market demand in Southwest China, it will hold intelligent manufacturing system integration, key parts of new energy vehicles, high temperature and titanium alloy heavy cutting processing, deep hole processing, key parts of aviation engine/heavy-duty gas turbine, precision sheet metal processing, quality inspection, Eight thematic exchange activities including AGV and intelligent warehousing and logistics. At the same time, thematic interactive activities such as new product release, Jiajihui, technical exchange meeting/salon, entering the benchmark factory of intelligent manufacturing, community activities, non-standard docking and theme demonstrations will be held. At the same time, more than 30 special technical forums will be held, including China Private Machine Tool Summit, IIC Industrial System Integrator Conference, Mold Industry Development Forum, Sheet Metal Processing Summit, Sichuan-Chongqing Die Casting Festival, and Gear Processing Application Technology Exchange Conference.