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Dubbel Oppervlak Lapping Poleer masjien

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YH2M8419 Hoë presisie vertikale dubbeloppervlak lapmasjien

YH2M8419 Hoë presisie vertikale dubbeloppervlak lapmasjien

YH2M8419 is used for polishing/lapping double surface of metal parts, wearing plate, rigid seal ring cylinder piston ring and oil pump blade, etc. as well as processing thin and hard brittle non-metal components of silicon, germanium, quartz, glass, ceramic, sapphire, gallium arsenide, ferrite, lithium niobate etc.

Tegniese karakters

Technical characters :
● The movement principle of planet gears.
● Table the weight of tray is distributed to the base plate through hollow shaft, cone bearing and three supporting legs,
● High-automation, the ring gear moves up and down stably through reducer, chain wheel, driven sprocket and 3pcs of ball screw.
● Drukopsporingsmeganisme, bespeur outomaties die druk van werkstuk.
● Self-lock cylinder, when upper plate goes up to upper limit, hook will catch it for ensuring operator is safety.
● PLC controlling, which is flexible and reliable.
● Raakskerm, dit is gerieflik om waarskuwingsinligting en staat te wys. Boonop is die koppelvlak vriendelik en die inligting is groot.

The device can be processed workpiece including valve plate, valve plate, friction plate, rigid seal ring, cylinder piston ring, oil pump blades, silicon, germanium, quartz crystal, glass, ceramics, sapphire, gallium arsenide, lithium niobite. etc.





Grootte van boonste plaat (OD*ID*T)


Grootte van onderste plaat (OD*ID*T)



OD of carrierφ315mm, Number of teeth Z=108mm,DP=12mm

Min. thickness of work piece


Maksimum grootte van werkstuk


The precision of processed piece

Plainness and parallelism within 0.003mm(φ65)

Rotational speed of lower plate

0-65 r / min

Algehele dimensie (L * W * H)

1551 * 1300 * 2450mm

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