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Vervaardiger van groot laers in Suid-Korea het na YUHUAN gekom vir vet

Tyd: 2023-08-01 Treffers: 38

At the end of July 2023,The representative of South Korea Large Bearing Manufactuer came to China YUHUAN CNC MACHINE TOOL CO.,LTD for FAT(Factory Acceptance Test).

Pre-acceptance of high <a class='inkey' href='' target='_blank'>precision surface grinding machine</a>

The YHMM7765 High Presisie dubbeloppervlak slypmasjien is suitable for large margin, high-efficiency and high-precision grinding of various special-shaped, round metal and non-metal thin parts with twoparallel planes on the upper and lower planes,such as Bearing/connector rod/automobile brake disc/valve plate.This Precision Surface Grinder can grinding the workpiece of φ50~260mm,thickness 8~40mm,theprecision can be within 0.003mm.

bearing double surface grinding machine Pre-acceptanceprecision Surface grinding bearing