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Gestuur 1 Stel YHDM580 hoë-presisie oppervlak slypmasjien vir motoronderdele

Tyd: 2022-05-17 Treffers: 43

There is a good news, YUHUAN CNC MACHINE TOOL CO.,LTD begin to ship about 20sets Surface grinding Polishing in this month.

YHDM580 is the classical CNC High precision surface grinding machine for automotives/3C Industry/Bearings etc.

We are CNC oppervlak grinder/Polishing Lapping machine manufacturer in China and ever exported to Korea, USA,Russia,Brazil, Thailand, India,ect. We grinding double surface of workpiece like piston rings/bearings/gears/connectors rod/knife tool etc,applied to automotive/3C Electronic/bearing/household appliances/ other industries.

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