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Uitnodiging van CIMT2023 van YUHUAN CNC MACHINE TOOL

Tyd: 2023-02-22 Treffers: 21

The Invitation of CIMT2023 From YUHUAN CNC MACHINE

Our Booth : E3-A105 , Data: 10th~15th March.2023

CIMT is the most well-known, largest and most influential professional machine tool exhibition in China; it is recognized by the international industry as one of the four famous international machine tool exhibitions that cannot be missed, as well as European EMO, American IMTS, and Japanese JIMTOF. CIMT exhibition brings together the most advanced and applicable machine tool products in the world. For domestic buyers and users, it is an international inspection without going abroad.

The 17th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT2021) will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Hall) in Beijing from April 12 to 17, 2021. The theme of the exhibition is "integration and win-win, smart future". As the first world famous machine tool exhibition held in the post-epidemic period, CIMT2021 has attracted great attention from the global industry. User companies in aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, military industry, energy, rail transit and other fields organized a large number of technical experts and procurement teams to visit the exhibition.第十八届中国国际机床展览会

Yuhuan's vertical high-precision compound slypmasjien (YHJMKG2880)will make its debut at the exhibition.The target market of this machine tool is the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, machinery processing industry, high-precision machining industry and other products with high precision and surface quality requirements. It can realize the inner and outer contours and inner holes of discs, rings and sleeves in one clamping. , outer circle, end face, etc. Its processing accuracy grade is IT3--IT2; the surface quality is controlled at Ra≤0.2; the shape and position error is controlled at ≤0.002.


The Intelligent production line for gear double surface processing will have a exhibition.This production line is suitable for double-sided machining of precision parts such as gears, distribution plates, pump valves, etc., and can achieve high precision and high surface finish processing of the end faces of parts. The production line mainly consists of YHDM580B machine tool, YHDM300A machine tool, YH2M8470 grinding machine, loading and unloading conveyor line, multi-joint robot and control system. and grinding production and processing


We are waiting for you at our booth(E3-A105). Thanks.