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Innovasie en ontwikkeling, Yuhuan se toekoms——Die eerste wetenskap- en tegnologie-innovasiekonferensie van Yuhuan Group is suksesvol gehou

Tyd: 2023-06-06 Treffers: 98

Innovation and development, Yuhuan's future

The first science and technology innovation conference of Yuhuan Group was successfully held


Op die middag van 29 Mei is Yuhuan Groep se eerste Wetenskap- en Tegnologie-innovasiekonferensie suksesvol gehou. Honderde tegniese elites het bymekaargekom om tegnologiese innovasieplanne te bespreek en 'n nuwe situasie vir Yuhuan Group se hoëgehalte-ontwikkeling te skep.


At the beginning of the meeting, General Manager Xu Yanming, the leader of the group, made a wonderful speech, summarizing the company's major technological innovation achievements over the years, and highly affirming the hard work and achievements of all technical staff, and put forward suggestions for future technological development and technical engineers. new requirements.


Professor Zhou Zhixiong, the vice president of the Group Research Institute, sorted out and reported the technical work in the past three years, focusing on technological innovation and new product development incentives. The new reward method will be linked with the technical level and economic benefits of the research and development achievements, which fully reflects the company's salary concept of turning from the virtual to the real, judging heroes by project results, and paying more for the hard worker, which will further inspire all technical personnel Enthusiasm to carry out technological innovation and product innovation.


At the meeting, Mr. Xu Liang, the deputy general manager of the group, read out the document "Notice on the Evaluation Results of Yuhuan Group's Excellent Projects of Technological Innovation", and commended and awarded the award-winning projects. Among them, YHGKS17 automatic CNC high-speed cutting and slypmasjien, YH2M8590 five-axis CNC multi-surface grinding and poleermasjien tool, YH2M8590H five-axis CNC multi-surface grinding and polishing machine tool, high-precision CNC composite vertical grinding technology and equipment, YHDM580E high-precision CNC vertical double-end surface Grinding machine, YHMM7765/1 precision grade CNC vertical double-end grinding machine, YN08W1035 7000KVA and below distribution transformer intelligent test system, YHDM580F high-precision CNC vertical double-end grinding machine and other 8 projects were awarded the Excellent Technology Innovation Award; YHZ08WYC6 silkworm automation Two projects, including complete breeding production line and YH09WC-6 intelligent sampling system for bulk materials, were awarded the Technology Innovation and Progress Award.


In order to ensure the realization of the group's strategic research goals and implement technological innovation, Chairman Xu Shixiong, the director of the group's research institute, and the project leaders of the three branch companies signed a letter of responsibility for five R&D projects including "precision CNC surface grinder".Mr. Liu Xing, general manager of Yuhuan CNC Grinding Machine Branch, Mr. Ling Jianjun, general manager of Yuhuan Precision, and Mr. Rao Xu, general manager of Yuhuan Intelligent, took the stage to make speeches. The project responsibility letter is a solemn military order on the company's technical battlefield. It is also a supreme honor and a heavy responsibility. All project units have expressed that they will go all out and achieve their mission!


At the end of the meeting, Mr. Xu Shixiong, chairman of the group and director of the research institute, made an important speech. Mr. Xu pointed out that technological innovation is the eternal theme of Yuhuan's development, talents are the key to technological innovation, and technological innovation requires an open mind and keen insight force. Xu Dong also put forward four requirements for technological innovation: first, CNC machine tools are a strategic industry supported by the state, and technical personnel must have a strong sense of responsibility and mission; second, innovation must be customer-oriented and customer-centric The third is to strengthen learning and the courage to pay is the only way to improve innovation ability; the fourth is to strengthen teamwork and continuously improve teamwork ability. The chairman's high-level guidance provides a fundamental basis for our current and future technological innovation work.

At present, as the country, provinces and cities pay more and more attention to the development of industrial machine tools, we are ushering in a critical period for the development of the CNC machine tool industry. The successful convening of the first Science and Technology Innovation Conference of Yuhuan Group will surely open a new chapter for the company to unswervingly pursue the road of independent innovation, development of industrial master machines, and revitalization of the national equipment industry!