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Voorsitter mnr Xu Shixiong is bekroon met die "Uitstaande Entrepreneur van die Hunan-provinsie 2021-2022"

Tyd: 2023-05-23 Treffers: 18

On April 27th, the 2022 Hunan Entrepreneur Activity Day and Entrepreneur Annual Meeting was held in Changsha. The theme of the meeting was "Promote Entrepreneurship, Concentrate on Building Heights", and commend outstanding entrepreneurs in Hunan Province from 2021 to 2022 and national outstanding entrepreneurs. Zhou Haibing, Vice Governor of the People's Government of Hunan Province and other leaders attended the meeting and presented awards to outstanding entrepreneurs. Chairman Xu Shixiong of the company was awarded the "2021-2022 Outstanding Entrepreneur of Hunan Province" by virtue of his deep family and country feelings, the spirit of technological innovation that dares to be the first, and his unswerving responsibility to promote the development of the industry.


Mr. Xu Shixiong is the chairman and secretary of the party committee of Yuhuan CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002903), the vice chairman of the China Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Maintenance and Retrofit Technology Association, the sixth chairman of the Hunan Machine Tool Industry Association, and the Changsha City CNC Equipment Industry Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman of the Innovation Strategic Alliance, a representative of the 15th Changsha People's Congress, won the title of "Leading Talent of Changsha Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship".


Chairman Xu Shixiong (sixth from the right) was awarded the "2021-2022 Outstanding Entrepreneur of Hunan Province"

Chairman Xu Shixiong, with an unyielding persistence, realized the import substitution of domestic CNC slypmasjiene, and also led Yuhuan CNC to become the first listed company in Hunan machine tool industry.

CNC machine tools are known as industrial mother machines, the country's most important equipment, the foundation of the equipment manufacturing industry, and one of the key areas that our country is stuck in. Chairman Xu Shixiong has always taken the revitalization of national equipment as his own responsibility, with the goal of replacing imports and solving the problem of machine tool equipment being stuck, and has established four scientific research platforms such as the Hunan Provincial Engineering Research Center for efficient and precise machining of difficult-to-machine materials, and jointly established with Huazhong CNC strategy The joint laboratory of intelligent control technology has established a research laboratory for key functional components of high-end machine tools to achieve import substitution in the fields of grinding equipment for difficult-to-machine materials, numerical control systems, and key functional components. The company develops dozens of new products every year, and many products have reached the international leading and advanced level. Among them, the overall technology of the YH2M8169 3D Magnetic Fluid Polishing Machine is internationally leading, and it has been selected as one of the "Ten Significant Achievements of Manufacturing Technology Innovation in Hunan Province". The high-precision compound slypmasjien is benchmarked against German high-end equipment, and the national ministerial appraisal committee evaluated that the overall technology has reached the international advanced level, and the planar throttling adaptive stiffness adjustment technology is at the international leading level. In recent years, it has obtained 127 patents and dozens of invention patents.

As the sixth president of Hunan Machine Tool Industry Association and the chairman of Changsha CNC Equipment Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Chairman Xu Shixiong has always been concerned about the development of the industry. In 2014, Hunan Yuhuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was established to promote the transformation and upgrading of automation and intelligence in the machine tool industry; in 2020, Hunan Yuhuan Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Yuhuan Science and Technology Park were established to promote the development of five-axis CNC machine tool industry and pass Introduce a number of industrial chain enterprises in the science and technology park for technology and industrial incubation, and create a cluster area for the development of intelligent machine tool manufacturing industry. He spared no effort to advocate for the development of Hunan machine tools, planned and participated in the formulation of the development plan of Changsha CNC machine tool industry by government departments, and made suggestions for the development of high-end machine tool equipment in Hunan during the 14th Five-Year Plan. Xu Dong is enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings, donating money and materials for various public welfare undertakings such as flood relief, epidemic prevention and control, poor education, rural revitalization, etc., fulfilling social responsibilities with selfless love and practical actions, demonstrating the responsibility of entrepreneurs.